Community Engagement

Community engagement is a key component of the MoonBaby project. We are not only approaching the film's creation with urgency, but also the intentional facilitation of conversation around the film's topic and subject matter.  We acknowledge that increased representation is only as important as the meaningful discussions, education, and broader awareness that the depiction inspires so we are hoping to  provide a unique, artful experience in which viewers can process topics brought up in the film.


Our goal is to have the several Bay Area (and possibly national) screenings of MoonBaby film be followed by free community workshops and decompression spaces. These post screening community events are a priority for our team. We want to make a film that can be a catalyst for dialogue, as well as hold space for these imperative conversations—we've already begun developing the content of the workshops with local health educators and community leaders. The greatest success would be to provide tangible and meaningful resources and support for those who may be victims of sexual assault or would like more information on how to help someone that is.


The New Moon sneak peek event is the first of many ways we plan to engage with our community. New Moon is a FREE sneak peek event where guest will get to see an early cut of a short segment of the film along with an exclusive extended trailer.

The night will feature musical performances by members of the MoonBaby cast and crew, food, recreated installations of sets as seen on screen, and interactive installations calling for attendees to share their thoughts and experiences while contributing to the creation of a beautiful communal piece!


When - December 21st 2019 from 6pm - 9pm

Where - 2236 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, CA.

Ages 18+

Cost - FREE with RSVP


This event was made possible in partnership with AACIF


Community Outreach Team

Kiana Young 

(they/them & she/her)

Workshop Facilitator


Kiana is a genderqueer, multidisciplinary performance artist, writer, and educator who believes art & social change are inextricable. Educational background includes a B.A. in Rhetoric with a concentration in Public Discourse & a minor in LGBT Studies from UC Berkeley.


They have 3 years of experience developing curriculum & facilitating workshops throughout the Bay Area. Past workshop topics include: consent, sexual violence prevention, survivor support, deconstructing rape culture, transgender & non-binary identities 101, asexuality 101, queer allyship 101, & public speaking 101. She has spoken and/or performed at various college institutions across California.  


As a survivor of multiple sexual assaults and assault with a deadly weapon, MoonBaby's premise is deeply significant to her. They hope to work with Jada to create spaces of trauma-informed dialogue, transformative art, and community healing

Jada Imani

(she / her)

Workshop Facilitator

Jada Imani is an MC, and facilitator from the Bay originally from St. Louis. She leads workshops for public schools, and has a long history of organizing and hosting community events. Jada's work has contributed to: curating for Oakland Museum of California, Life is Living Festival, Kaiser Permanente, Aspen Ideas Festival, and more.

Jada hopes to use performance and healing arts to connect disparate populations through promoting health, critical thinking and self-love.

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